Alexandre Soca’s Black Belt Paulo de Tarso Wins Big in Professional MMA debut.


This past Saturday, June 16th in the Hotel Veneto & Casino in Panama City, Panama, Alexandre Soca's first promoted Black Belt Paulo de Tarso fought in the latest card of the Ultimate Combat Challenge X promotion.  This was Paulao's professional MMA debut and he won in decisive manner against one of Fabio Gurgel's Black Belts, Alliance's Fernando "Soluco" di Pierro via TKO.  


The fight was a one-sided event in which Paulao's superior Muay Thai became evident from the start.  


This win means a lot for de Tarso as this fight in the cage was in fact his very first professional MMA fight and Soluco had already 11 professional fights.  His students in Panama and his friends in Brazil and Soca BJJ's headquarters in Wantagh, NY congratulate him on his important victory. 


      SocaBJJ Staff 

         Cristian Buitron