No Gi Pan pictures by Cristian Buitron.

Congratulations Callen!

7 World Medals for SocaBJJ at IBJJF World Master 2017!


John Beecher – Gold Medal  Weight division & Bronze Medal  Open Weight division

Frank Moscarelli – Gold Medal  Weight division & Silver Medal   Open Weight division

Samantha Freitas – Gold Medal  Weight division

Joseph Tompsom – Silver Medal  Weight division

Ken Braun – Bronze Medal  Weight division

Pictures by Cristian Buitron!



Belt Promotion at SocaBJJ West Islip!

Congratulations Landon & Shawn!!!

Congratulations Jonathan on your new Belt!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


SocaBJJ receives plaque from 2nd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment.

SocaBJJ receives plaque from 2nd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment from Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo C. Bitanga.

It’s such a honor for me and my Academy to receive such a special gift from the Marines. We are very fortunate to be surrounded of good people like our Purple Belt Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo C. Bitanga.

SocaBJJ Family wishes best of luck to Ed on his new journey.

Prof. Soca


Team SocaBJJ Places 3rd at 2017 IBJJF NY Summer Open Tournament!


Black Belt

Joseph Thompson – 1st Place

Mario Bowers – 1st Place / 1st  Place open weight

Todd Brandon Mueckenheim – 2nd Place

Michael Caban – 2nd Place

Thomas DeVivo – 3rd Place

Christopher M. Schlesinger -3rd Place

Anthony Wolter – 3rd Place

Ronald J Abbate – 3rd Place

Paul M. Genzale – 3rd Place

Brown Belt

Francesco Moscarelli – 1st Place / 1st  Place open weight

John M Beecher – 1st Place / 3rd Place open weight

Jacob prussman – 2nd Place / 3rd Place open weight

Dimitrios Malatos – 3rd Place

Gregory Benazzi – 3rd Place

Purple Belt

Wendell Mangibin – 1st Place / 1st  Place open weight

Vincent Loccisano – 2nd Place

José Nunez – 2nd Place

Dwayne Depeiza – 2nd Place

John Caroli – 3rd Place

Ruben Sierra – 3rd Place

Blue Belt

Richard Flynn – 1st Place

Ian zaffino – 1st Place

Kenny Braun – 2nd Place

Raheem Stevens 3rd Place

Jimmy Casimir 3rd place

White Belt

Lauren Gaetani – 1st Place

Matt Stallone – 1st Place

Will Collazzo – 2nd Place

James Taylor – 2nd Place

Jaworski Gestiada – 2nd Place

John zanca – 2nd Place

Johana – 3rd Place


1 – Alliance – 243

2 – Renzo Gracie Academy – 217

3 – Soca BJJ – 144

4 – Team Lloyd Irvin – 112

5 – Vitor Shaolin BJJ – 83

6 – Gracie Barra – 62

7 – Unity Jiu-jitsu – 61

8 – CheckMat – 57

9 – Team Jucão USA – 55

10 – Soul Fighters BJJ Connecticut – 49

Thank you for the SocaBJJ Black Belts – Prof. Fred Villarica UNABJJ, Prof. Joe Thompson LockDown BJJ, Prof. Marcel Oliveira Oliveira BJJ,  Prof. Anthony Wolter & Prof. Neil Gonzales East Coast MMA, Prof. Derek Mangi & Prof. Sean Murphy Monster BJJ for all great competitors representing SocaBJJ Academy!!


Congratulations Farid on your new Belt!!!

Congratulations Kayla on your new Belt Promotion!!