Congratulations Chloe on your new belt!

UAEJJF New York Pro 2017 Results & Pictures from SocaBJJ Team.


John caroli – Gold Medal

Timothy Cormer  – Gold Medal

Connor Watson – Gold Medal

David Cabrera – Silver Medal

Greg Bennazy – Silver Medal

Jacob Prussman – Silver Medal / Silver Medal Open Weight

Fred Villarica – Silver Medal

Hector barreto – Gold Medal

Daniel cho – Gold Medal


Danny aranibar – Gold Medal

Layla dervisevic – Gold Medal

Alma dervisevic – Silver Medal

Jose aranibar – Silver Medal

Adam Lee – Silver Medal


Adem – Gold Medal

Noah – Gold Medal

Thank you Prof. Fred Villarica and UNABJJ Team to represent SocaBJJ Competition Team!

Thank you Cristian Buitron for the great pictures!!




Prof. Soca Promotes Marine Major Arlan Della to Black Belt on his way to Saudi Arabia.

Arlan Della is a Major in the United States Marine Corps.He has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007 and just got his black belt from Professor Alexandre Soca.

He is currently stationed in Riyadh, kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an advisor to the Royal Saudi Marines Forces.

Congratulations Arlan!

Congratulations Michael on your new Belt!!

2016 Pride Tournament Pictures by Cristian Buitron.

SocaBJJ 2016 Belt Ceremony pictures by Cristian Buitron.

1st SocaBJJ Muay Thai Graduation Pictures!

Pictures by Cristian Buitron.

NY BJJ Pro Pictures by Cristian Buitron

7 World No Gi Medals for SocaBJJ!

Team SocaBJJ Results:

Alexandre Soca – Gold Medal

John Vargas – Gold Medal

Kenneth Willis – Gold Medal

Joseph Thompson – Bronze Medal

Ronald Abbate – Bronze Medal

Kathleen Pangilinan – Bronze Medal

Elizabeth Cabrera – Bronze Medal

Great Job Team!!


Thank you Cristian Buitron for the Great pictures!!!

Team SocaBJJ visit Ralph Gracie Academy.


Pictures by Cristian Buitron.