Lieutenant Colonel Bitanga got his purple belt from Professor Soca.

Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo C. Bitanga II got his purple belt from Professor Alexandre Soca this morning at the SocaBJJ Sunrise Samurais class at 6AM. Eduardo cannot attend the  belt ceremony on Jun 17th as he will be away from work.

Ed has been training with Soca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu very hard and has simultaneously run a beautiful Jiu Jitsu training program at the “War Room” at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Garden City. Students from Soca BJJ alongside Marines would train together and learn new techniques to help each other increase their ground combat abilities.

Ed, thank you for being part of our academy and for forming a bond and friendship that will last a lifetime. We will miss you a lot my friend. Come back to visit Soca BJJ whenever you can. We are family.

Congratulations on your purple belt promotion again,

Ed! Semper Fi!!! Osss!!