New York Summer International Open 2016 Results & Pictures.

Dimitri Malatos – 2nd Place
Paul Genzale – 2nd Place / 2nd Place No Gi
Mike Caban – 1st Place
Matthew Skulavik – 2nd Place
Farid Arroyave – 2nd Place
Andrew Orlando – 1st Place / 2nd Place Open Weight
Dennis Scheller – 3rd Place
John Vargas – 3rd Place
Nicole Oliveri – 1st Place
Kathleen Pangilinan – 1st Place
Jonathan Deverna – 3rd Place
Frank Moscarelli – 1st Place/ 1st PlaceOpen Weight
Larry Benson – 1st Place
Louis Diaz – 3rd Place
Tomas Digirolamo – 2nd Place / 1st Place No Gi
Jess Napolitano – 3rd Place
Rob Kassan – 3rd Place
Matthew OBrien – 3rd Place No Gi
Chris Lamond – 2nd Place No Gi
Nicolas Galluccio – 2nd Place No Gi
Dennis Fliller- 3rd Place
Will Collazo 3rd Place
Connor – 1st Place No Gi
Greg Benazzi – 2nd Place No Gi
Anthony Wolter – 2nd Place
Wendell Mangibin – 3rd Place

Thank you Professors – Joseph Thompson, John Vargas, Fred Villarica and Marcel Oliveira!

Thank you Cristian Buitron for the Great Pictures!!!