Soca BJJ Students Featured in Magazine


Soca BJJ students, fellow teammates, friends and proud Marines Major Arlan Della, Captain Roy Forehand and Master Alexandre Soca were featured in 1st District Warrior Magazine's March 2012 issue.

Roy and Arlan became a welcome addition to our academy when they joined and instantly became a staple of Master Soca's Jiu Jitsu program. They embody the core values of the Marine Corps and in doing so, they make our academy a better place in which to train and learn our beautiful art.

Arlan and Roy's strengths go beyond the mat where they are known for their tenacity and skill but more than anything they are great human beings. They are always willing to help. Always ready to compete and regularly excel at it. Roy's son Lukas Forehand is also part of the academy as a brilliant member of the kids' jiu jitsu program, competing as often as his dad and harvesting gold medals in every one of them. Roy and Arlan's photos were also recently featured in the world famous Gracie Magazine.

As the motto of the Marines goes "The few. The proud. The Marines", Roy Forehand and Arlan Della are quality people like few are and they make Soca BJJ very proud. Semper Fidelis! Keep it up guys! 

                     Article by Cristian Buitron.