The GoodFight Tournament 12/7/13

The Goodfight Tournament Results :
SocaBJJ – 1st Place Team in Adults / 2nd Place Team in Kids Division / 3rd Place Adult No Gi Division
Lukas triantis – 1st Place
Tyler Sugamele – 1st Place
Thomas Martinez – 1st Place
Nick Rice – 2nd Place
Joshua Jorgge – 1st Place / 2nd Place No Gi

Tara Brady – 1st Place
Anthony Ciccione – 1st Place
Evan Flores – 1st Place / 3rd Place Open Weight
Joe Sugamele – 1st Place
Adult / 1st Place Master
Chris Lovarco – 1st Place
Frank Concolino – 1st Place / 1st Place Open Weight / 1st Place No Gi / 3rd Place Open Weight No Gi
Chris Lamond – 2nd Place/2nd Place No Gi
Timmy Almeida – 1st Place / 2nd Place Open Weight
John Luxmore – 1st Place Open Weight No Gi Division
Billy Gould – 3rd Place / 2nd Place No Gi
Neal Brandt – 3rd Place
Daniel Thorman – 3rd Place