Soca BJJ Academy COVID-19 update

To our Soca BJJ Family,

After much thought and in the middle of so many times conflicting information, we’ve come to the difficult decision to close our academies for the first time in 15 years until Sunday, March 29th.

It is important to highlight that there are ABSOLUTELY NO known cased of COVID-19 at our academies or directly involving any of our members. These are preemptive measures, trying to limit the spread the virus among the most fragile in our communities – even if many of us believe we could have a good fighting chance against the virus for being in such good health.

To all of you who know us, we don’t think we need to explain how painful this decision is. We will miss our daily activities as much as anyone else. But please rest assured that we are fully committed to have our classes back as soon as possible – we will keep everyone updated in the meantime. These are unprecedented times.

Meanwhile we will be sending to our students the week class program videos and much more.

Having to close our doors breaks our hearts but we also believe we will emerge even stronger as a team and a community after this.

We really appreciate the students that keep supporting the academies in this rough time.

Be safe!


Professor Alexandre Soca & Professor Samantha Freitas